Welcome to Smartech Inc.

Leader in Process Control Instruments and Calibration Service.

Welcome to Smartech Inc. We are pleased to inform you that we are in the field of process Control Instruments since last 10 years and we deal in all kind of process control instruments and we are pleased to introduce ourselves as a manufacturer of Pressure Gauge and Control Valve


Pressure gauge, seal, compact, and Schafer, mud & Homogenizer All type of Pressure gauges, Digital Pressure Gauge (SKON), Pressure Switches, Pressure Transmitter, Recorders, I-P Transducer, E-P Transducer (CONTRO AIR & BELLOFRAM), Ex proof type Electro pneumatic valve Positioners.


Temp gauge (BI-Metal) M.S.T., (R.S.T.) Type temp gauge, transmitter, RTD, PT-100, T/C, Indicator, controller, Recorder, P.I.D controller.


Rota meter, Over wheel, Piston type, magnetic type of Flow Meters & All type of Flow Meters.


PU- Tubing’s, PU-Connectors, Brass connectors, S.S. Connectors, S.S. Flanges & Industrial Valves, Solenoid Valves & Cylinder HAFNER (gmbh)

Control valves

Pneumatics actured, electrical actured, diaphragm operated, Cylinder operated all kinds of control valves.

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